Transparent, white or metallised polyester film with excellent dimensional stability and good long-term ageing properties. Surface with top coat for printing. For premium quality decorative labels, safety stickers, name and technical plates, decoration and mouldings.


  • Metallised or transparent polyester film (23 or 50 micron)
  • 23 micron (transparent, chrome, matt chrome, gloss gold, gloss gold on both sides)
  • 50 micrnon (white, chrome, brushed silver, gloss gold on both sides)
  • Printed primer
  • For the manufacture of high-quality adhesive labels and signs
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent
Standard widths 1000mm, 1260mm
Standard lengths 50m
Standard Sheet Sizes, mm 700mm x 500mm, 700mm x 1000mm