A Floor Graphic is made for a unique application and is typically seen on the floors of grocery stores or supermarkets. This product allows advertisers to display their message about new products or promotions without obstructing the aisles used by customers with their shopping carts. Floor Graphics are also used as directional signage to locate products or particular locations and have become popular at trade shows.

Typically, floor graphics are used for indoor, short-term product promotions up to 90 days. It is therefore necessary to use an adhesive that allows the Floor Graphic to be easily removed. An approved “no slip” type of walking surface is essential to ensure foot traffic safety. Cold laminating film is for floor graphics protection with matt deep texture.

It is suitable for short and medium term indoor and outdoor application with clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Lamination is the process of applying a clear or semi-clear protective polymer or vinyl coating to a product such as a digital print, poster, photo, banner, etc


  • Once the lamination is completed, Laminating Film is recommended to lay the laminated print flat for 24 hours to allow the proper adhesive curing prior to cutting, trimming or taking the laminated print for outdoor used.
  • Laminating Film is designed for floor graphics protection.
  • Color enhancement
  • Matte finish for clear viewing without reflection
  • Easy and smooth operation. Protect against abrasion, moisture, and constant surface contact.
  • Deeper, richer image output.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most of cleaning fluids.