3M™ tapes are classified as C-class, meaning they are the brightest markings permitted by the regulations. Moreover, they are easy to apply, resistant to peeling and other damage, and sure to retain their brightness and color even in the harshest conditions.


  • 55mm X 50 meters of self adhesive reflective tape.
  • Superb night time reflectivity and visibility - can be seen up to 1000 meters away at night.
  • Easy to handle, apply and cut - can be applied by one person.
  • Plastic construction means this reflective tape is not susceptible to corrosion.
  • Clear, pressure sensitive adhesive performs under exposure to extreme weather conditions and chemicals giving long lasting performance.
  • Excellent conformability to simple curves
  • Engineering Grade Type 1
  • Up to 9 year durability
  • Resists cracking in cold weather
  • Retains reflectivity when totally wet
  • Permanent, pressure-activated adhesive

3M™ Vinyls are the best cutting, weeding, and applying reflective vinyls available.