Ulano Cut Green

  • Ulano cut green isa a screen process knife cut film coated with 300-gauze polyester
  • The emulsion layer 'sticks back' to the polyEster for corrections. The screens are adhered to screen fabric with plain water.
  • The screen is compatible with all inks except those containing water.
  • In addition to color, the film differs in its adhesive or tack level.
  • Ulano cut green has a stronger adhesive making it better choiCe for cutting detailed stencils

Ulano Direct Films

Indirect films offer superior fine detail reproduction: sharp printing edges; uniform stencil thickness; predictable standardised exposures; close control of stencil thickness, hence ink deposit; fast ans simple stencil production; and easy stencil removal for effective mesh recovery. All Ulano indirect films are totally solvent resistant. The topcoat on Ulano Indirect Films prevents tackiness under conditions of heat and high humidity.

Ulano Pulsar

An innovative stencil system offering the industries most rapid method of making photographic stencils. Pulsar features exceptional imaging fidelity, control of EO (emulsion over mesh thickness), and wide processing latitude. it has excellent solvent resistance and develops with tap water. Non-gelatin diazo-sensitized \ coating on a 3-mil (75u) optically clear polyester backing that develops with tap water.

  • Can be exposed, washed out (on room temperature or cold water).
  • Fast exposing.
  • Excellent adhesion to polyester and all other mesh.
  • Wide exposure latitude.
  • Not recommended for use with aggressive solvent inks
  • Non-gelatin film so only use conventional stencil remover like Ulano No. 4 stencil remover liquid or Ulano No. 5 stencil remover paste to reclaim the stencil.
  • Resolution: 100 - 125 microns (4 -5 mils)

Ulano Blue Poly

Blue, medium thickness emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Combines wide exposure latitude with excellent resolution. Ideal for general screen printing work. Resolution: 75 - 100 microns (3 - 4 mils).

Chromaline Direct/Indirect Films

Direct/Indirect is a two-part system developed and patented by Chromaline. The film assures excellent print quality. The process is inherently stable with predictable results. Direct/Indirect is a fast, easy-to-use stencil system for use with UV, Plastisol and solvent based inks. Direct/Indirect film is available in 25 micron thickness.


  • Accurate, predictable stencil thickness control
  • Excellent print quality
  • Excellent durability
  • Minimum screen to screen variance
  • Maximum repeatability
  • Fast, easy to learn, easy to use.


Apparel/T-shirts, Four color processes, Thick Ink/Glitter, Banners, Posters/Signs, Decals, Solder Mask, Primary Imaging Nomenclature, Bottles/Containers, Ceramic Decals etc.