One Way Vision is a printable perforated self-adhesive vinyl, ideal for static applications and mobile advertising on glass surfaces. Window graphics onto flat glass surfaces showing advertising on one side and allowing for see through view on the other side. It is designed for eco-solvent printing on most wide-format printing equipment.

One way vision is a great choice for Advertisers, it maximizes the value of the campaign and attracting attention because it dominates the crowded advertising landscape. A fully wrapped bus or car has the wow factor and is noticeably more visible than a vehicle without One Way Vision. A shop front with the entire facade covered in One Way Vision will entice people to notice and digest the advertisement, compared to a shop with small barely noticeable signs displayed in a mishmash pattern.


Building wraps, cars, offices, shops, vans, glass surface.

Available Sizes

  • 1.27m x 50m
  • 1.37m x 50m
  • 1.52m x 50m