JC 241 UV Printer/Cutter

GCC JC-241 UV Printer/Cutter, which can complete a variety of jobs on wide materials, is the most suitable equipment for Sign, Packaging and promotional item industries at an affordable price. With JC 241 UV professional cutter functions, at up to 28.3 inches per second of cutting speed, JC-241UV rate simply outperforms the competition. Furthermore, selectable cutting forces, ranging from 5 to 600g, accommodate a wide variety of materials, including fine and thin masking films to thick and hard reflective films.


Dual UV LED Lamp
GCC JC-241UV Printer/Cutter equipped with dual UV LED lamp to reach energy saving and environment protection goals. Furthermore, customers can print on heat-sensitive materials such as BOPP and PET film.

Media Thickness up to 10mm
With an innovative design, JC-241UV can be used in a wide range of application with a maximum thickness of 10mm. Furthermore, with GCC innovated workflow, customers can print the promotional items directly with our JC-241UV.

Print resolution of up to 1440 DPI with 6 colors available
With 6 colors (C, M, Y, K, Lc and Lm), GCC JC-241UV Printer/Cutter delivers high resolution at apparent 1440 dpi, allowing users to produce more refined output resolution images and broaden the type of applications.

Auto Media Calibration (AMC™)
The auto media calibration pin automatically detects and gauges the distance between the print heads and loaded media then automatically adjusts the height of the print head to the optimized position based on the thickness of the loaded media.

Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
GCC JC-241UV Printer/Cutter features a standard Automatic-Aligning System (AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by automatically detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images.

Optional White Solution
JC-241UV offers four major utilizing white ink applications as a base, overcoat, spot color and color-white-color for 3 layer printing at the same time. With the White solution, it can be easily used to produce brilliant and rich color output on any transparent and dark media, offering excellent quality images to fulfill all needs for Sign, Labeling and Packaging industries.

Optional Varnish Solution
Varnish is a transparent spread on the surfaces of printed matters (images) that forms a thin and even transparent gloss layer after its leveling and UV curing for drying process . Varnish not only protects printed content but enhances durability. different varnish modes are available that offer the advantages of a high value added application and cost saving on labor and laminator equipment.

Professional Cutting Functions
-Up to 600 grams cutting force.
-Up to 28.3 inch (720mm) per second cutting speed.

Print resolution of up to 1440 DPI with 6 colors available