UV Exposure Unit is an absolutely necessary equipment during screen plate making process. Precise Vacuum UV Exposure Unit is equipped with special UV lamps and auxiliary vacuum suction device. After putting the screens and well printed transparency film on the glass, close its cover and let it work after set the needed vacuum and exposure time, then it will make the screens and transparency film close on the glass tightly by evacuating the air of the vacuum chamber emerging from the rubber blanket. When the set time is up, it will deflate automatically, then the exposure is finished. Please cut off the power supply.


  • Rational design & easy operation: based on humanity and practicality principles, with the elaborate designed table type structure, it’s much easier for screen exposure with high precision.
  • Independent settings of vacuum and exposure time with automatic memory function: The vacuum time and exposure time can be set up separately just according to actual requirements (setting ranges: 0-999 seconds); When exposure is finished, the power supply of the lamp will be automatically cut off, it will deflate and beep by itself, then please turn it off. When you need exposure again, just connect the power supply, then it will work automatically according to your former settings because of its automatic memory function.
  • Oil-less vacuum pump with high quality is durable with no need for oil injection.
  • 8 pieces of special UV exposure lamps will guarantee a precise and even exposure effect.
  • The high strength toughened glass (thickness: 0.24”/6mm) is with high press resistance and not easily scratched. In case of breakage,, it will turn into pieces without sharp edges to avoid user’s injury.
  • All-metal construction & elegant appearance with advanced electrostatic paintings, easy to clean and no rust.
  • Excellent packing in sturdy wooden case as a whole will guarantee a easy and safe transportation.