Screen stretching is the most important procedure to make screen. Stretching tool and technical define the quality of emulsion coating, screen stretching and screen printing.


  • Consisted by four 24 ”(60 cm ) wide collets. One single set can apply to any screen frames below 24 ” x 24 ” (60 x 60 cm) (external dimension), two sets combination can be done all size screen frames below 48” x 48 ” (120 cm x 120 cm).
  • Wide locking bars for compressing screen are critical parts, directly influencing the quality of stretching. We specially exploit concave and convex locking bars made of rubber with proper rigidity, 24 ” width, no joints.
  • Suits for any frames below 2” thickness (common thickness is 1”-1.2”). Adjusting position bolt can meet your different requirement.
  • Considering machine structure, only some components need to endure force, we bring in 0.12 ” thickness steel plate to make normal components and 0.12 ” thickness plate to make forced parts. Made of steel, advanced electrostatic spraying.