U-Print 1The Printer

Dimensions 471W x 623L x 654.5H mm (packing measures are greater, the weight is about 72kg). It needs a solid workbench. Uses a standard USB 2.0 connection (cable not supplied). The laser printer SLAM can be used by any Windows PC and Mac, but Rip SLAM can only work on Windows 7 or later. We also recommend to save your graphics in PSD format, Mac or PC, later adding a PC connected to the printer with Photoshop on Windows. (You can create graphics with Illustrator, Quark, Corel and save in PSD format).

Toner and rollers

U-Print 2They are proprietary and will not work in other printers, as they are different from those used by other printers toners SLAM and the rollers are proprietary, so as to prevent the use of other types of toner and rollers on the machine. We need to ensure the quality of our products and toner supplied by us are unique! At the same time will work even on plain paper and other types of paper. Imagine: brochures printed on colored paper in the house. The possibilities are endless!





About 23 pages per minute - 9 seconds to print the first sheet - once under the press of 10-20 seconds and hot auto weeding means that the hourly production of t-shirts will be quite high. Sometimes it requires a short pre-heating of the tissue for 10 seconds to remove excess moisture, but this must be tested prior to actual production. Using two or three presses, you can make the most of the productive potential of your printer SLAM.

The paper

is available in A4 size (210 x 297 mm) and, of course, A3 (420 x 297 mm). Each set of paper is delivered in packs of 100 sheets already wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture absorption. Also included are instructions for use are 3 types of paper:

  • a card with a passage for light and dark textiles
  • a paper which increases the properties of the blank to a higher opacity
  • a stiff paper for metal, plastic, ceramic, wood etc




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