• They are transluscent & hollow
  • Lasts up to 10 years outdoors
  • Light in weight, all weather proof
  • Good for light box canopy, roof, shade and many more
  • They are UV resistant


  • It can be used for outdoor advertising sign boards, light boxes.
  • Ceiling of green houses, corridors, shades, roof lighting systems
  • Decorations of the inside and outside of modern business buildings
  • Access of subways, bus stops, telephone booths, parking lots, shopping malls, pavillions and rest rooms
  • Indoor partitions, side walks, Guard rails, balconies and shower doors, auto park, bicycle stands, cattle sheds

Size Color
18ft X 4ft X 4mm (5.49m X 1.22m X 4mm) Opal
18ft X 6ft X 4mm (5.49m X 1.83m X 4mm) Opal
18ft X 7ft X 4mm (5.49m X 2.1m X 4mm) Blue and Green
18ft X 4ft X 6mm (5.49m X 1.22m X 6mm) Blue, Bronze, Clear
18 ft X 7 ft X 6 mm (5.49m X 2.1m X 6mm) Blue, Green, Bronze, Clear
19ft X 7 ft X 8mm (5.8m X 2.1m X 8mm) Green, Lake Blue, Blue, Clear