• It comes in white color.
  • It is good for outdoor and all weather use
  • It can resist climate factors, does not fade, and has a very low to no absorption of water
  • It has a low gravity and low weight, hard skin surface, white and its internal structure is a fine celled foam
  • It possesses self-extinguishing characteristics that comply with the American Standards ul94v-0
  • It has a smooth, very sturdy and silk gloss surface which can be printed, painted, pasted or reprocessed.
  • It is resistant to insects, termites and chemical substances. It is non corroding, has a low thermal conductivity, is sound proof and an excellent insulator


  • Furniture: Assembling cabinets, tables, chairs, kitchen stands, door panels of bathrooms and so on. Interior decoration in motors, Trains,Subway, Ships, Aero Industries.
  • Outdoor Furniture Lounge chairs, tables and so forth
  • Advertisement: Best choice for long term outdoor signs, 3-D Letters, Store front decorations, Sign boards, Pop stands and so forth.
  • Construction: Office Partitions, flower platforms, interior and exterior decoration, laboratory desks, fishing raft boats, ice boxes and so forth

Sizes Available

Size Thickness
8ft X 4ft (244 cm X 122 cm) 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 24mm