• High impact resistance of up to 14 times that of glass.
  • Impact strength remains unchanged at a low or high  temperature.
  • Great anti-shatter performance:7 to 18 times better than glass.
  • Has the highest light transmittance among all  plastic sheets
  • Thickness is positively related to light-guide performance
  • Good oil &chemical resistance, Acid and alkali resistant.
  • Thermo formable. Can be: milled, polished, routed, cut etc
  • Free of heavy metal and poisonous ingredients.
  • Can be cold & hot bended, also can be decorated with lamination and printing.
  • Plexiglas has a 30 year anti-yellowing guarantee.


  • For building applications: windows, sound proof walls, skylight, colourful separators etc.
  • For advertisement applications: point of purchase, light box, signage, direction boards, shelving etc
  • For lighting purposes: it can be used for fluorescent lamps, street lamps, light transfusions etc. .
  • For sanitary ware: bath cabins, shower trays, bath tubs, basins etc.
  • Other uses: acrylic furniture, acrylic aquariums, tunnels etc.

Sizes Available

Sizes Colours
8ft X 4ft X 2mm Clear & Opal
8ft X 4ft X 2.5mm
8ft X 4ft X 3mm
8ft X 4ft X 4mm
8ft X 4ft X 5mm
8ft X 4ft X 6mm
8ft X 4ft X 8mm
8ft X 4ft X 10mm
8ft X 4ft X 2mm
6ft X 4ft X 2.5mm
6ft X 4ft X 3mm
6ft X 4ft X 4mm
6ft X 4ft X 5mm
6ft X 4ft X 6mm
6ft X 4ft X 8mm
6ft X 4ft X 10mm