These economical acrylic rods are excellent for use in Point of purchase Displays and other decorative uses. In larger diameter rods these high-quality rods are commonly used as grab bars in showers, tubs and spas. Acrylic is moisture resistant, non-toxic and meets standard building codes for use in these applications. It is UV stabilized and it will not warp, crack, craze, or corrode when subjected to prolonged exposure outdoors.

Acrylic Tubes Clear Hollow

Available Sizes

2Mt x 30mm Diameter x 3mm
2Mt x 80mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 90mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 100mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 120mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 130mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 140mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 150mm Diameter x 4mm
2Mt x 200mm Diameter x 5mm

Acrylic Round Rods Clear

Available Sizes

2Mt x 6mm Diameter
2Mt x 8mm Diameter
2Mt x 10mm Diameter
2Mt x 12mm Diameter
2Mt x 15mm Diameter
2Mt x 20mm Diameter
2Mt x 25mm Diameter

Acrylic Square Rods Clear

Available Sizes

1200mm x 2mm x 2mm
1200mm x 3mm x 3mm
1200mm x 4mm x 4mm
1200mm x 5mmx 5mm
1200mm x 6mm x 6mm
1200mm x 8mm x 8mm
1200mm x 10mm x 10mm

Acrylic Screws & Nuts

Available Sizes

M4 x 8mm
M4 x 12mm
M4 x 16mm
M4 x 20mm
M5 x 12mm

M5 x 16mm
M5 x 20mm
M5 x 25mm
M6 x 30mm

Acrylic Triangular Gusset

Available Sizes

1200mm x 3 mm x 3mm
1200mm x 4mm x 4mm
1200mm x 5mm x 5mm

Acrylic Hinges

Available Sizes

45 mm x 38 mm
32 mm x 38 mm
24 mm x 31 mm

Spacers/ Standoffs

Spacers are designed to close small, reduce wear and tear, reduce movement, eliminate vibrations, evenly distribute a load, or even resist heat or pressure.

Available Sizes

19mm x 30 Diameter
25mm x 25 Diameter
25mm x 30 Diameter
25mm x 40 Diameter
25mm x 90 Diameter
25mm x 100 Diameter
25mm x 150 Diameter
40mm x 100 Diameter
40mm x 120 Diameter
40mm x 150 Diameter

Perspex Adhesive

Strong glue to bond and join Perspex sheets together.

Available sizes:
2.5 lt, 1 lt, 500 ml, 250 ml