The acrylic bending machine can bend all kinds of plastic sheet. If the thickness of acrylic sheet is beyond 6mm, you can use two heaters heat the top and bottom of the sheet at the same time, or you need to cut a slot on the sheet. You can also use many heaters to heat more bends at the same time.


  • Easy operation, time-saving..
  • Reasonable design, small size, compact structure easy to assemble and store
  • Heats evenly and the temperature is adjustable.
  • Has circulating cooling water system on both sides of heating pipe; power supply joint and water-pipe joint are at the same end. Circulating cooling water system can make sure other parts (no heating is require won’t get thermal deformation.
  • The body is made of special aluminum extrusions.
  • Portable, low consumption of electricity and reliable operation.
  • Straight appearance, the effective heating length is 610mm.
  • Can be assembled to a hot bending machine or used alone.
  • Can bend all kinds of plastic sheet.

  BENDER 1200 BENDER 2400
Maximum bending width 1220 mm 2440 mm
Power 1000 W 2100 W
Power Supply 220 V 220 V
Heating Slot Width 8 mm 8 mm
Heating Thickness 1-6 mm 1-6 mm
Heater Size 1.8'' x 1.8'' x 58.3''
(45 x 45 x 1480mm)
1.8'' x 1.8'' x 105.5''
(45 x 45 x 2680mm)
Heater packing size 4.9'' x 4.9'' x 61.3''
(125 x 125 x 1556mm)
4.9'' x 4.9'' x 10.9.6"
(125 x 125 x 2785mm)
Box packing Size 13.8'' x 7.9'' x 7.1''
(350 x 200 x 180mm)
13.8'' x 7.9'' x 7.1''
(350 x 200 x 180mm)
Gross Weight 8 kg 13.5 kg